The Necromancer’s Regret

A 5e D&D adventure module for levels 6-8

Available for purchase on DriveThru RPG

The small village of Havenstown is known for its golden wheat fields and friendly people. A natural stop for travelers along the road, Havenstown is used to seeing all manner of folk wandering the streets. But news has spread that for the first time in memory, Havenstown has shut its gates and posted guards, turning away all who seek to enter. Three villagers have been brutally murdered in the last two weeks, and rumor is that a dark power resides in the crumbling Ralon manor and the townspeople fear going out at night. It is your party’s job to unravel the mystery as the snow continues to fall over what was once a sleepy small village.

The Necromancer’s Regret is an adventure for 6th – 8th level D&D 5e parties and scalable for parties of other levels. It was designed as part of the campaign for the Small, Terrible, and A Dragonborn party and has been adapted to be run as a one shot adventure, or to be added to an existing campaign.

Included is a map of Havenstown by map maker Caeora (used with permission), manor layouts, and detailed descriptions of the major points of interest and important NPCs in Havenstown.


Tabernacle’s Global Emporium
A Shop and Setting module for D&D 5e

Available for purchase on DriveThru RPG 

Tabernacle’s Global Emporium is the premier interplanar store. Run by Tabernacle and his daughter Ellie, you will never find another store quite like this one. You can insert Tabernacle’s Global Emporium into any campaign or 5e setting (or, with some adaptation, into many fantasy TTRPGs). Treat your party to the premier shopping experience where the goods range from interesting to weird, wacky to useless, and the occasional ancient relic of unspeakable power. Ask the Mirror in the Corner for help or advice! Ask Ellie, the shopkeeper, to switch your cloak from green to blue! Read historical and arcane tomes (just don’t anger the books, they have long memories and tend to be volatile). Or stare into the other Planes through the crystal disks on the massive, gorgeous mobile over the shop’s desk. You never know what awaits you in Tabernacle’s Global Emporium.

Exciting items include:

  • The Phoenix Sword
  • The Soul Siphon Whip
  • The Cookie Mansion (formerly owned by the “Terrible Party” adventuring group
  • Artifact: The Ocean Sage’s Spellbook
  • Artifact: The Fury and Fire of the Dawn
  • And so much more!

A Vol 2 update has been made with 7 new items.